Thursday, December 22, 2011

Scorpio: Oct 23 - Nov 21 || Nov 23 - Nov 29

Attributes of Scorpio
  • capable consolidators
  • powers of concentration
  • stable
  • loyal
  • dedicated
  • determined
  • persistent
  • devoted
  • subtle
Challenges of Scorpio
  • resistant to change
  • rigid
  • inflexible
  • stubborn
  • egocentric
  • hard to forgive
  • deceitful
  • secretive
  • enigmatic type (difficult to read)
  • not the most faithful of signs
  • master power in all its manifestation
  • controlling power urges
  • Scorpio’s tongue can be lethal. You are likely to sting yourself as others.
  • intolerance
  • judgmental
  • festering wounds
  • repressed pain
  • self-destructive
  • self-sabotaging behavior
  • hold on to resentment
The Scorpio sign has feminine-polarity therefore making them:
  • introverted
  • passive
  • negative
  • contemplative
  • intuitive
  • receptive
  • shy
  • reticent
  • withdrawn
  • They consider all options before taking action, prefer working behind the scene, and able to nurture others or ideas.
If you are a Scorpio and can't seem to relate to this one, your lunar and ascendant sign may be stronger. An exact birthdate and time will give a personalized profile. Further insight can be gained also through numerology and Chinese astrology.

All attributes listed here can be strengthened or improved by the person. Recognizing one's weakness and a desire to change, and doing it, is a must. Crystals can also serve as good reminders of our attributes, potential, and overcoming challenges.

New Zodiac Dates

Hello everyone~
A friend of mine reminded that the constellation dates were changed. The changes only apply to those who are born in 2009 onwards. I'll be editing the site soon for these options but here's the list for those who want to know~

Capricorn - January 20 - February  16
Aquarius - February 16 - March 11
Pisces - March 11 - April 18
Aries - April 18 - May 13
Taurus - May 13 - June 21
Gemini - June 21 - July 20
Cancer - July 20 - August 10
Leo - August 10 - September 16
Virgo - September 16 - October 30
Libra - October 30 - November 23
Scorpio - November 23 - November 29
Ophlicius - November 29 - December 17
Sagittarius - December 17 - January 20

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aries Monthly Horoscope 2012

Hello everyone! I'm Nessiah and your new fortune teller for this blog! I decided to revive this blog with the 2012 Monthly Predictions!

These are predictions for people born under the Aries sign. Check the profile to see the character summary of the zodiac signPlease take note that everyone is different and this may only occur to some people. Thank you for understanding.

 January 2012
  • This is a month of struggle. As competition arises that intend to grab your position, be it for work or friends, this is a month that will put your loyalty, capabilities and judgment to the test. Face through it with chin high up and confidence.
February 2012
  • This is a month where you might feel that all hope is lost. While you might feel sad or depressed from a situation --lost over what to do and how to face them--just remember that this is just a blindness caused by your emotions. There could be an answer that you are looking for, or it could be that the truth about the situation is concealed. But remember that unless you step up or if you give up, that truth will remain hidden and obscured. 
March 2012
  • This is a month where all your hard work has finally paid off! A month where all that struggling finally shows a great opportunity that lies ahead. Grab it and thank the person or event that has shown you the way. This is a month to be happy and joyful!
April 2012
  • This month, you might feel that you are confused over a choice that you have to make. Maybe there are conflicting choices or emotions. Remember that unless you fight for what you really deemed to be important or what you want, it won't come to you! You will be stuck in that limbo of indecision. Weigh your options, consider the possibilities if what you want is the way to go or what you have to do has more benefits for you in the long run.
May 2012
  • This month is the time you'll find what brings you great happiness. It could be love, a desire, a dream, or even a wish come true! However, that thing won't fall swiftly down your lap, you have to prove yourself worthy of even getting it. Work hard but don't overdo it! Health is most important after all.
June 2012
  • This month is the time that shows how all your sacrifices finally given you fruition. It could result to marriage, partnership, new friends, new beginnings. This a time of bliss. 
July 2012
  • This month is another month of joy. Be happy and appreciate what you have.
August 2012
  • What comes around, goes around. This month is another time of struggle. Remember the happiness and good times of the past, no matter how hard or painful the struggle may be. Remember that there is always a flip side to anything and the people and pleasant memories you carry with you. Bad things will always end and will be replaced with happiness~
September 2012
  • You might feel lost or indecisive. Should you take an action now or wait? They say that less speed equates to more haste. And that those who patiently wait for the right time will be awarded. Endure the hardships and keep working hard, good things will happen soon enough if you wait.
October 2012
  • This is a month where all your hard work finally paid off. Offers and opportunities might rise at any moment now! Keep yourself open and search for that opening, this is the right time to strike!
November 2012
  • Being depended on is hard. You might want to isolate yourself or that you feel extremely lonely due to the responsibilities you have. Give yourself some time to contemplate and self reflect. Breathe and balance the line between obligation and happiness. Be patient and be/stay level headed. 
December 2012
  • This month might be a bit harsh on your side, as another force tries to take away the hard work you did all these years. It could be about your position at work, at school or even at a person's life. Don't let yourself loose and explode. Assess the situation and contemplate for the best course of action. Find the source and find the right time to strike.