Sunday, February 4, 2007

February 4: Teen Fortune Reader 2007-2008 Predictions

These are the predictions for all those who were born on February 4. Please take note that everyone is different and this may only occur to some people. Thank you for understanding. - Archeia

February 2007

You will be sad this month because your mother has to go to another country or place to attend to business matters. Just think that it’s for family's good and wish for her safety instead.

March 2007

There will be many bills to pay this month and budget is hard to balance. Even though you’re going to have some problems this month, always remember that everyone is there to cheer you up and you’ll be able to get pass through this.

April 2007

Someone in the family will have an illness that adds to the hardship everyone has to conquer. Because of this, the breadwinner of the family is always hot-headed. Understand each other and try to be patient. It will pass by.

May 2007

There will be an argument regarding financial matters. Maybe you guys can’t determine how to use your resources wisely.

June 2007

Despite the luxurious life, you still experience severe depression. Maybe you don’t get to spend some time with the family because everyone is just busy. Try to talk to them and have a schedule.

July 2007

Someone is discouraging you in achieving your ambitions. Don’t be and just do your best.

August 2007

There will be a sudden change in everyone’s schedule regarding a performance / research/ project. Because of this, you have the time to hang-out with your friends.

September 2007

You will receive a letter/e-mail/phone-call/etc. regarding a project/research/etc. that left you confused. Probably because of tedious requirements.

October 2007

Probably in the past, you have failed to maintain your responsibilities that caused your downfall. This is despite the fact that you've done your best. But a symbol of hope will come and help achieve your ambitions.

November 2007

There will be some arguments regarding an upcoming project caused by an aggressive person. Maybe you can be the peacemaker just to restore order.

December 2007

You will be able to buy a motorcycle/car/computer/etc. because of a promotion. Congratulations!

January 2008

You will move to a new apartment/home (maybe for college) and meet new friends that can help you with your studies. This is a new beginning so enjoy it.

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