Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gaining Control of Love

(cards drawn at random)

There is always a power struggle in any relationship. This is not necessarily between two parties but individually. How they surrender to the emotion of being "in love" that some becomes a slave to it, turning to an obsession, where the other party matters more than oneself. All plans and decisions, even the simple where to go later or over the weekend, put into halt as it all anchors on that relationship.

You have eventually snap out of a destructive obsession or thinking and gained control of yourself. This is an important milestone as disappointments and strong love emotions by the people you have feelings for will not stop. How far you want yourself to be affected or influenced is now in your control.

Interesting enough. You'll be faced in a situation where you'll have to choose. A young exciting lover or an experienced companion. Perhaps both you have felt feelings for and have been able to inflict pain on you too.

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