Sunday, January 3, 2010

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope 2010

These are predictions for people born under the Capricorn sign using a one-year one-tarot-card-per-month spread reading. Please take note that everyone is different and this may only occur to some people. Thank you for understanding.

January 2010

  • new relationship.
  • change in yourself.
  • taking care of your happiness.
  • do what makes you feel good.

February 2010

  • concentrate on practical matters especially financial.
  • look for opportunities to earn, rather than wait.

March 2010

  • Appreciate your own worth and value.
  • Accept praises graciously with a "thank you".
  • Pursue positive communication.

April 2010

  • Pursue a dream.
  • See the beauty of others.

May 2010

  • Be prepared to make a hard decision.
  • Be careful on who you trust.
  • Admit defeat if you have to and be spared from depression.

June 2010

  • The end is near but you are not yet there.
  • You are not ready to say goodbye.
  • You are gathering clutter rather than discarding it.

July 2010

  • Problem with an authority or your authority.
  • Having a hard time to make a decision - not taking responsibility.

August 2010

  • Experience and hard work paying off as you gain mastery.
  • Time to step up to bigger responsibilities, position, opportunities.

September 2010

  • Avoid danger and risky situations or relationships.
  • Avoid self-destruction and the negative path.

October 2010

  • True sacrifice is made with no hope or desire of gain.
  • Deal with long term and big picture perspective.
  • See the wider view and avoid the petty details.

November 2010

  • Your moves and actions are restricted by previous decisions.
  • Don't hesitate to change your mind if you got the situation incorrectly.
  • Admit you got it wrong.

December 2010

  • Continue on the positive path no matter how tough it is.
  • Be consistent in expressing your love and kindness to others.
  • True strength is found in personal honor and integrity.

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