Saturday, December 30, 2006

December 30: Fortune Reader 2007 Predictions

For those celebrating their birthday today, December 30, this is for you:

December 2006
There is a task that is nearly done but you or someone connected to you is ready to move on. However, you or that person are being stopped for more task that needs to be done. You or that person may be tempted to just walk away or may have walked away already.

January 2007
You won a major battle and have put your opponents in a humiliating position. You are setting your sights on two opportunities and very hopeful about it. A voyage worth pursuing. Take caution still.

February 2007
You just crossed a major hurdle and now leading. You will be very proud with what you've accomplished.

March 2007
A serious opponent arrived. There's much task that needs to be done, despite what you've finished. Be patient.

April 2007
You or your loved one is now in a situation where you or they have to choose. This shall pose a lot of stress and confusion.

May 2007
Someone will come to deliver on commitments, with resources at hand, that will be of big help to you. There are difficulties that can be overcome. However, you have a lot of fear in you.

June 2007
You've accomplished and gained resources at hand. However, you are wondering, perhaps worried or threatened even. Your battle-scarred heart and mind makes you less trustful.

July 2007
Something challenging is about to come. You are emotionally strong and ready to face it, regardless whether you'll win or lose the battle. Someone, young and creative, will be there, ready to fight beside you.

August 2007
You will feel accomplished this month as you surpass the difficult decision that you just made. Start attending to your personal needs.

September 2007
A deadlock has been reached and differences can no longer be reconciled. You need to cope from all the stress and ills you encountered.

October 2007
There are sorrows that you have to face but you'll find ways to handle it. You are hopeful, humbled, and seeing opportunities still.

November 2007
A forgotten or ignored problem is howling itself to the surface. You will disengage your emotions in facing the challenges and crisis ahead, to further protect yourself.

Feel free to interpret this whether it is related to work, business, love, friends, family, studies, among others. Note that readings like this may not necessarily suit the birthday celebrant as each person is unique.

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