Sunday, December 31, 2006

December 31: Fortune Reader 2007 Predictions

For those celebrating their birthday today, December 31, this is for you:

December 2006
The problems you had in the past are all done and over with. You are now moving on with great peace to look forward to. You've seen a lot of opportunities that makes you energetic and excited. With hope that one of this allows you to reach your goal.

January 2007
Resources are at hand but needs to be managed well. Going beyond boundaries can lead to work struggles, disagreements and frustration.

February 2007
You might be worried with financial concerns. However, you have a happy family that matters more to you.

March 2007
You'll spend a special time with a love one. It is a celebration of love. Your source of resources id doing well right now. However, there's a new opportunity that has potential, that you want to get into as well.

April 2007
Despite the love at hand, perhaps things are not enough and you are searching for further meaning. Giving to charity, reasonably, will make your blessings worthwhile too.

May 2007
You'll be overflowing with emotions, perhaps realizing what is indeed important. You'll be working very hard on a new opportunity that catches your fancy.

June 2007
A serious relationship or commitment with a love one (or friend) is forthcoming. You will also enjoy the fruits of your success.

July 2007
It is a great time to be with the bigger family. You'll be in a jubilant mood with great reasons to celebrate.

August 2007
You are confused although there's no doubt on the love of the people around you. You have fears on your new venture and afraid for it to fail.

September 2007
Your new opportunity is showing great potential. You are blessed with an apprentice or protege committed to work with you and make it a success.

October 2007
Problems surfaced at this time and got you deeply confused. It puts your resources in danger and unsure on what to do. A love one is with you giving all the support you need.

November 2007
A major challenge has come your way but you've won, putting your enemies to shame. You or a peer perhaps already wants to move on but is being held back.

Feel free to interpret this whether it is related to work, business, love, friends, family, studies, among others. Note that readings like this may not necessarily suit the birthday celebrant as each person is unique.

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