Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Capricorn Predictions for 2008

These are the predictions for all those born under the Capricorn sign using a one-year three-tarot-cards-per-month spread reading. Please take note that everyone is different and this may only occur to some people. Thank you for understanding.

Your creativity is high at this time. A lot of opportunities are ahead and along with it comes risks, misunderstanding, support, and love from those who care for you.

December 2007

You will need to make an important decision this month. You have mixed feelings as this both presents some positive developments but you may have doubts inside. The road ahead is unpredictable but you are willing to take that risk.

January 2008

Your projects are presenting a lot of possibilities and you are allocating a lot of time to it while juggling time spent with your family. You need to balance to manage your important relationships.

February 2008

You are proceeding to a path that is unpredictable and it can either really go well or the opposite. Be alert of your blind side.

March 2008

You've just released your creative work and things are just about to begin, instead of the cycle ending. This is not achieved though without having to deal with those who are slowing you down.

April 2008

Support from old and new contacts are around you. There are things that needs to be fixed that requires careful thinking and reflection.

May 2008

You will reap the fruits of your labor and celebrate it. However, you or a loved one will take sometime off to think, evaluating things that happened, before or after the celebration.

June 2008

You are hiding your fear and negative emotions, or perhaps deliberately ignore them, as attitudes in life are choices that you decided to make. This is your way of getting rid of people and circumstances that hurt and slows you down.

July 2008

You are going through negotiation process that requires reconciliation of difference and coming up of a solution that will benefit both parties. Go for win-win.

August 2008

You are standing firm on what you believe in while trying to be diplomatic and considerate. Creative ideas are coming to you to resolve your present situation.

September 2008

You have strength and courage to navigate your way to the difficulties infront of you. You'll be taking several strategies at once to make the situation work for your interest.

October 2008

It is done. You have though of this possible outcome when you contemplate at night. It has happened. You will be patient and persevere to get through the next phase as there's no such thing as defeat for you, only new opportunities waiting to be explored.

November 2008

As always, love and support from the people who mattered most in your life is around you. You have planted seeds to your new adventure and learned to become more protective.

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