Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Sagittarius Predictions for 2008

These are the predictions for all those born under the Sagittarius sign using a one-year three-tarot-cards-per-month spread reading. Please take note that everyone is different and this may only occur to some people. Thank you for understanding.

December 2007

Blessings and new opportunities are coming your way this month. However, there's also a personal development that shall make you said.

January 2008

You will have resources to indulge yourself this month and even find love catching your attention. An important document needs to be dealt with this time.

February 2008

New opportunities appears to you but you are somewhat cautious. You'll find a wise man to consult your concerns.

March 2008

You are on a roll as the opportunities you've embarked on is flourishing. However, you may be getting burned out and may be having a hard time juggling priorities at this time. Perhaps you may be trying too hard to please a person of authority.

April 2008

You will likely travel this month to pursue new opportunities. A loving person may be asking you a favor at this time to help out another person.

May 2008

There will be confusion and disagreement this month with peers. It may lead to financial loss. You may need to take a rest this time.

June 2008

There are new opportunities for investment but you shall proceed with caution this time. Finding deeper meaning in what you intend to achieve.

July 2008

There are repairs that needs to be done at your place. You will be seeking for advise this month to answer concerns that have been bothering you.

August 2008

New opportunities will come your way that has a touch of luck supporting it. This will result to abrupt changes in your current undertakings that may upset a few people.

September 2008

You'll receive an important message this month that will make you very depress. You will take a break and move on.

October 2008

You are fragile and emotional at this time. However, a new project or creative idea will bring new sparks.

November 2008

There will be delays in your projects. However, you are confident in handling the issues as a result. You are in a festive mood at this time.

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