Friday, December 19, 2008

Gemini Prediction for 2008-2009

This prediction is for Diva who happens to be a Gemini. It appears that Diva is currently in a state of discontent. Maybe a bit bored, confused, or unhappy to see some of the good happening around or accept available opportunities. As a result, emotions are turn inwards. Diva may need to reassess position on certain things and be positive.

December 2008

Be honest and believe in yourself. Speak your mind and be firm. Pursue your ideas and trust your intuition.

January 2008

It is a month to rejoice as you will encounter the conclusion of a happy situation (occasion, celebration, or achievement) or healing of wounds. Don't hesitate to share yourself with others. They can also provide a mirror that will allow you to see things clearly. So get out there, meet new people, and party! Enjoy the moment now as there is still much work ahead.

February 2008

Try something new this month and get some thrill or excitement you desire. Look for opportunities where you can perform great deeds or simply display your abilities. You will be in search for meaning and higher purpose. Nevertheless, you shall be called to action.

Other possibilities this month will be change of residence, long journey, or even immigration.

March 2008

A new chapter in your life is starting, you have a decision to make or new run of luck is commencing. You are in charge of your destiny, the more you are aware and accept this, the clearer the path will be. Anything can happen but make the most of it!

April 2008

Victory is yours this month! You have won the power struggle and can now be open to positive communication. Be receptive to the good news and act upon it. Accept praise graciously and say "thank you" rather than "think nothing of it", for they will. Appreciate your own worth and value and expect others to do the same. This can also mean promotion after good work or reward for effort expended in a good cause.

May 2008

Good omen for romance and positive relationship this month. You will find someone you like and with whom communication is easy. Pay attention to your inner world. Truly love and accept yourself just the way you are.

June 2008

Big red flag! You may have a tendency to cheat or bend the truth in a situation. Or maybe the need for prudence and evasion in order to attain an objective. It can also be a warning of others wanting to take advantage. Use diplomacy and charm. Be cautious, careful, and discrete. Stay safe!

July 2008

Your partner may be about to disappoint you. Exercise your independence as you can only rely on yourself. Bear your pain with courage, resignation, strong will, patience, and determination. You may have loved and lost but believe that you will live to love again.

August 2008

You are contented and satisfied with all the good things you have acquired in your life through hard work. It may also indicate a helpful friend generous with their fortune.

September 2008

Due to the action taken last April, your choices and actions are now limited. Use your wisdom to correct your previous decision. Admit that you got it wrong and change your mind.

October 2008

Time for you to get truly in touch with your feelings rather than just talking about them. A marriage or commitment proposal or an invitation to join forces with another person may also be underway.

November 2008

It is the end of a phase. Let go of the things and emotions that you are finished with. Honor them but leave them behind through disappointment or disillusion. There is really no sense in trying to hold on to something that is no longer there.

While much as been invested in a situation or relationship, it isn't right, so you must abandon and search for what is. Move upward and onward to better things. A transition towards a new life.

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