Saturday, December 13, 2008

Getting the love you desire

(cards drawn at random)

Miss MD asked for advise on how to let a potential love one enter her life. This spread reflects two paths. One or both can be explored at the same time:

Miss MD - Now
You have a sense of completeness and stability for your present situation.

Option 1:

Stage 1:
Someone must lead and someone must follow. Which will you be? If you've been following and what you desire is not happening, perhaps it is time to take the lead.

Stage 2:
Evaluate who is the one that you really like. Can you trust him? Are you really sure of him? It should be more than feeling good whenever you are with him.

Stage 3:
You have concerns that has been worrying you. Perhaps a decision has to be made and it shall be inevitable later on. Decide whether you are going to pursue it or not, else this decision power may be taken away from you.

Stage 4:
Live in reality. Avoid prospects that are already committed or have a relationship with someone else hoping they will eventually separate and the two of you will be together.

Stage 5:
Be courageous and dream of your desired relationship. Act on them. Let your heart expand. Seek beauty and the beauty of others.

Stage 6:
Bring in fresh perspective and welcome new experiences.

Option 2:

Stage 1: Be willing to break the ice and soothe any uncomfortable feelings. Act on what you feel without any debate.

Stage 2: Confront a hard decision that you have to make. Perhaps you need to let go. Admit defeat if you have to.

Stage 3: Win your freedom as you endured the struggle from the previous stage.

Stage 4: Something serious in your life has to be faced or accepted.

Stage 5: All the positive things (home, health, finances, family) you have in your life right now are meant to stay.

Stage 6: Don't treat a loved one as a possession.

Love made manifest

Stage 7: Your heart desires completely fulfilled. A union shall be completed that will truly satisfy your heart.

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