Monday, May 14, 2007

Assert yourself

I just chatted with Miss D and offered to do this reading. Miss D tends to be the very hardworking person and noticed that she is not the same as usual lately. Although she has a lot of things on her plate now, she admits that there are some concerns here and there.

Miss D, I've drawn three cards for you and this is what I found out:
  • The work that you are doing right now is about to finish. However, it has been tough and taken so much of your energy. This has given you sleeplessness and doubt on what you are doing as well. You know what to do but not taking action may give you no options later on.
  • You have reached the full possibilities of what you want to achieve. However, there were things that you first thought of, or that were told of you, which turned out to be untrue. Only you can bolt yourself out of the situation. You have the right to change your mind after admitting you made a mistake of pursuing that path.
  • It seems you haven't been able to balance the power in your hand. Perhaps you are handling a lot of responsibility but have not been given authority. Or you may be neglecting other matters at hand that causes imbalance.
To resolve the concerns raised by the last card, another was drawn and it told me that:
  • You need to assert yourself. There's a lot of potential in you, to be that role model or head figure, that in some ways, perhaps, you haven't been able to assert in terms of taking authority and control.

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