Thursday, May 17, 2007

Developing self-reliance

Miss F is a smart young lady who was able to accomplish a lot of things at her age. This includes having assets, a small sideline business, and career options around her. However, she is reaching a point where things are not doing so well as intended like credit expenses, a business resource that will no longer be available soon unless a replacement is found, to job dissatisfaction. Not to mention that she is still very much single and enjoying it.

To help in our discussion, a 4-path cardinal mandala reading was prepared as a reference. Each path is supposed to give a glimpse of what could possibly turn-out. The prosperity path is the one listed below. All other paths (intelligence, passion, and feeling) have been consistent with this.
  • Be prepared to be self-reliant, use your skill and talent. Your regular help is not coming as expected. Assess and consider if you are ready to take that responsibility, consider taking a break for awhile as a possible alternative.
  • You may be able to put into use the knowledge you've personally learned and those that have been passed on to you all this years.
  • Whichever action you take, make sure to take proper protection so that you won't get into any legal or contractual problems later on. Weigh your options, especially on investments or expenses, very carefully.
  • You will need to heavily exert more effort and humility to become successful. Resist self-indulgence.

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