Sunday, May 13, 2007

Embrace opportunities

I was having a quick chat with "Miss C" over YM and appreciated her nice comment about this blog. I offered to do her a reading and that is where I found out that she is going through depression and challenges at a personal and work level.

Miss C, I've drawn three cards for you and this is what I found out:
  • Indeed you are at the start of mental and even moral dilemma. Perhaps there are things happening now that partly conflicts with your earlier thoughts on the matter. Consider this as a sign that your hunch on how you'll take the plunge maybe a good one.
  • Your hard work earned you more than what you need, allowing you to build assets. Perhaps you are becoming possesive, unable to trust enough to share or let go. This is not only in terms of resources but also of people.
  • Whatever your plans are at hand, it seems you are on track towards prosperity, especially if this is a new business project or new opportunities coming your way.
To reach the last one, another card was drawn:
  • To make you comfortable, perhaps you need an approval of what you want to do and it may mean taming some of your thoughts. Watch how you react as it affect others.

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