Thursday, May 24, 2007

Believe in yourself

I just had a catch up chat with Miss G whom I know to be personally hands-on to a lot of the things she get herself interested in. She also has a lot of dreams that she wanted to achieve for herself while taking care of her personal responsibilities at the same time. This reading is meant to provide a guide on how to achieve one's desired future. In this case, Miss G wants to take an entrepreneur path.

Seven cards were picked for this reading and this is what I found:
  • You are currently in a situation where the thing you've been expecting is not coming or delayed. You are perhaps taking a low profile now transitioning yourself.
  • You will need to see things anew with a child-like simple and unprejudiced vision. Be open to fresh perspective.
  • You need to learn how to rest and recharge. Find out what works best for you in order to do this.
  • Make tough decisions early enough, even if it is painful. Cut your losses.
  • Be open to change by having a plan b as back-up that can be activated anytime, when things don't go right. Change of scenery or travel brings new perspective to you and grab the chance whenever possible.
  • Your faith in yourself will always be tested. Believe in yourself, others, and the higher spirit. This is regardless of the mistakes, fear, and doubt that goes along the way.
To understand the 2nd item above, we picked four more cards to explore how you are perceived by others:
  • You always show that you make the best and firm decision as possible whenever a situation arises. This is done according to the standards and beliefs that you have. You take full responsibility for your actions and willing to debate them when needed.
  • You are perceived as someone who is stable and can't be easily shaken by adversity.
  • You can highlight a person's potential or power but not necessarily the one to help them out in making it happen. Perhaps you are also limited or blocked by your own concerns.
  • Being liberal or not the traditional type is the subtle effect you have on others. People are forced to show their rarely used aggressive side to be at par with you.

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