Wednesday, May 2, 2007

With or Without You - in Twitter

I just joined Twitter a few days ago. Lately, I find myself reading twits from one of the people, referred here as Miss A, I'm monitoring - very occupied in mending one's broken heart.

In the past months, I've given tarot reading to friends whenever we are into serious conversation and just to lighten things up. I haven't touched the cards for more than a month now.

But in this case, I decided to make an exemption to do a reading for Miss A perhaps for me to have an idea on what's going on and understand better.

Miss A, I've picked four cards for you and this is what I found out:
  • You need to deal with an unfinished business. It has been difficult and draining for you. It has given you sleeplessness, anxiety, and doubt. You know what you need to do despite it being painful to act on.
  • You need to let go of these things and the emotions that goes with it. Time to move on to better things. No sense in holding on to something that is not there anymore.
  • Perhaps you are venting because you are somewhat seeking for approval to what you want to do. Perhaps there are expectations that you had to conform to - within your circle of people watching you.
  • As you move on, take your time, act slowly, think carefully. Be careful with your resources. You're working on something right now that is important for you.
Stay cool, be strong, and this song is for you.