Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fragile body, active mind, determined spirit

I just had a chat with Miss E through YM. I've known her as a very hardworking person who tends to be stressed most of the time. She requested for a reflection reading and this is what I found out:
  • There's a warning sign given that you are on a path towards self-destruction in terms of taking care of your health physically. It is suggested that you reconsider your plans on how to accomplish an upcoming project so that it won't harm your health which is in a fragile stage now.
  • Your thinking process shows that you want to acquire more than what you need. This is inclusive of knowledge, taking care of possessions (ensuring they will grow), and in dealing with people whom you are afraid at times (for they tend to outsmart or take advantage of you perhaps).
  • Spiritually, you are closer to the Higher Being, more than ever. This faith has given you strength beyond body and mind, that you can achieve things. Perhaps you will indeed or not.

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