Monday, January 1, 2007

January 1: Fortune Reader 2007 Predictions

For those celebrating their birthday today, January 1, this is for you:

January 2007

You are excited on this new project you are working on. You are determined to ensure that this will go well. Your past lessons learned and trusted friends will greatly help.

February 2007

You will share your blessings, with utmost prudence, to charity or help those who are badly in need.

March 2007

Although you are doing well with your current endeavors, there's a new one coming that has growing potential. Perhaps it is a potential partnership with a great friend whom you want to help out get started.

April 2007

Money problems are bound to be encountered by you or those close to you. Reflecting on your experience, you will help make them realize that not all is dependent on money. There are other blessings one should be thankful for.

May 2007

Your projects are flourishing and resources flowing comfortably. There are new opportunities that caught your fancy and need proper caution as not all things you can control.

June 2007

You need to allot resources to take care of yourself. You may feel slight depression. Perhaps you are still looking for something more.

July 2007

You are about to set yourself on a new adventure or voyage. Your loved ones will be celebrating on this decision.

August 2007

You shall be very proud of what you've accomplished. You will meet an important person or love one, discussing possible union.

September 2007

You are excited and hopeful that your project opportunities will reach the goals that you are aiming for. Don't doubt yourself now.

October 2007

Great work has been achieved. Teamwork paid off. A team member may be planning to say goodbye.

November 2007

You will reflect on the various dreams and aspirations that you want to achieve. You have fears as well on your resources, uncertain on who to trust.

December 2007

You will have some challenges. Your confidence and desire to win things peacefully will help you get through this. Perhaps you or someone may have ran away.

Feel free to interpret this whether it is related to work, business, love, friends, family, studies, among others. Note that readings like this may not necessarily suit the birthday celebrant as each person is unique.

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