Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January 23: Teen Fortune Reader 2007 Predictions

These are the predictions for all those who were born on January 23. Please take note that everyone is different and this may only occur to some people. Thank you for understanding. - Archeia
January 2007

You might be frustrated about moving into another house. Probably because it has complications because of someone. Or it can be that you guys had finally decided to move to your own house.

February 2007

You’re worrying about something and getting insecure because you feel someone is hiding secrets from you and it affects your mood greatly. You will find the courage to face them and know what their problem is.

March 2007

You will need to do some sacrifices in order to achieve what you want with someone that you love. You might decline an offer about going to another country.

April 2007

You will be happy this month and blessings will come. You will have enough money to buy what you want and maybe it’s a land or a house. Spend wisely.

May 2007

You will receive a letter/fax/e-mail/etc. and you were given a responsibility that you can/can’t handle well. You will have a new computer/car, maybe it’s a contract or a license.

June 2007

A sad event will happen that involves your mother. You guys will be sad for a while. This problem was sent to the court. Good Luck…

July 2007

You might want to do/go something/where else as every instinct of yours tells you that you need to go to that place. Maybe you’re about to do something different and life changing.

August 2007

In order to achieve your dreams, manage your money, check home resource use. You have wasted too much money and in debt. It will make you disappointed and at loss. Don’t lose hope as this will eventually pass by.

September 2007

You will be given a new project and because of the tremendous pressure and heavy work, you will get sick, either metaphorically or physically. Learn how to use time management or you will really suffer.

October 2007

You will meet new friends and you might consider them, as “blessings” for some unknown reasons at first but you will certainly know in time.

November 2007

You will experience tremendous sadness because of someone that is trying to fall you apart. You might go to the church for guidance or just to feel at ease.

December 2007

You will have an intense argument with someone but in the end your wish will be granted. Or maybe because your have wished for something and it has affected someone else’s life and you were involved.

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