Saturday, January 13, 2007

January 13: Teen Fortune Reader 2007 Predictions

These are the predictions for all those who were born on January 13. Please take note that everyone is different and this may only occur to some people. Thank you for understanding. - Archeia

January 2007

Be careful of aggressive people around work as they might cause you trouble. Be cautious and alert.

February 2007

After getting all pumped up for an audition (or something), which brings you closer to your dreams, you will receive a letter about the result of your courageous attempt.

March 2007

You will move to a new place for a new project. Do your best.

April 2007

A neighbor (or someone) spreads awful gossips about your mother/mother-in-law. Put a stop to her nonsense or tell your mother.

May 2007

You will have the chance to achieve your dreams in a different country as long as you believe in yourself.

June 2007

An illness will strike either you or someone that you know. Be careful of your health.

July 2007

Upon achieving what you wish for, you have developed some enemies. Now some arguments are happening between you guys.

August 2007

Problems has come and you almost lost hope, until you saw enlightenment at the church. Maybe because of a sermon or someone.

September 2007

You or someone that you know will sign some important papers in order for you to move to another place. Be thankful.

October 2007

You will face some problems, and you don’t feel any satisfaction. You might move somewhere else or set a journey to find a purpose. Don’t lose faith.

November 2007

Someone is keeping secrets from you. Maybe some financial problems or it can be a secret enemy. Be cautious and alert. If it is a problem, wait for that person to tell you. S/he might be waiting for an opportunity to tell you. Or it can be that you yourself are hiding something from them.

December 2007

You have decided to save some money this Christmas. Probably you want to give some presents to your crush or for art stuffs. Just remember that as long as it came from your heart, that person will like it regardless of the price.

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