Friday, January 19, 2007

January 19: Teen Fortune Reader 2007 Predictions

These are the predictions for all those who were born on January 19. Please take note that everyone is different and this may only occur to some people. Thank you for understanding. - Archeia
January 2007

You will have enough money this month to go to another country for your ambitions, congratulations! Just be sure to keep things in balance, as you tend to be out of control and don’t lose hope if you fail.

February 2007

Some arguments will happen upon a deed left by a relative, expect many disagreements.

March 2007

You will need to borrow some money in order to pay a debt from someone who just kept on pursuing you.

April 2007

You will be able to buy something worth stealing (can be a car/computer/motorcycle/etc.) and expect that someone will be tempted to. Just be alert, cautious, and be careful.

May 2007

You just got lucky and found the man/girl of your dreams. Lucky for you! But there’s a problem, you’re confused if s/he is really the one. Just listen to your heart and get to know him/her better.

June 2007

You decided to go somewhere, whatever the cause, mainly because of your mother (or in-law) to solve a problem that you know that it’s your only hope. Do your best.

July 2007

You will break up with someone and that made you move on to a new beginning. Be careful as you have a tendency to be careless in your actions and may end up being worse.

August 2007

You will have a problem regarding the responsibilities given to you. They are just hard to handle and you will be anxious about it. Discuss your concern and resolve it.

September 2007

You will have a terrible illness or horrible nightmares and it scares you. But thanks to someone that you know (can be a relative or a close friend), s/he has given you the strength to fight it.

October 2007

Someone that you know (can be relative) will experience a sudden change in his business/life that brought him destitution. Be there to support him/her as it will greatly affect your life.

November 2007

You will pay a lot of bills this month and you might feel furious at work because of this. Try to control your emotions or everyone will end up hating you.

December 2007

Since Christmas is near, you have decided to buy some presents that might have some value. Don’t overdo it though or you will end up broke.

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