Tuesday, January 2, 2007

2007 Good Luck Predictions

To attract good luck in 2007, note of the following:

Luck favors those who tries to initiate their own endeavors, whether career, business, or taking care of yourself. Good balancing act is needed if there are people dependent on you, to avoid any feeling neglect.

Take advantage of this period where almost everyone wants a fresh start and doing things right. Taking risks in investment is ok but should be calculated and minimal.

Taking in new activities or hobbies is encouraged, without getting in the way of your usual work. These new hobbies, surprisingly, may give you new revenue stream too.

Don't be too showy in flaunting what you are capable of, no matter how good you are. Just keep doing what you are good at without much funfare. Don't forget on the need to be pragmatic as well with your spending.

Don't hesitate to seek out a partner who can understand you. This is within your reach now. Spending quality time with loved ones, peers, and friends is important as this will keep your feet on the ground. Make sure to have time for it as their support is vital to your success.This year, it is all about pursuing what you want - your dreams.

Hesitation can be expected from the people around us. However, it is best to always keep your cool, be more patient, and understanding.

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