Sunday, January 28, 2007

January 28: Teen Fortune Reader 2007 Predictions

These are the predictions for the birthday celebrants of January 28 by Archeia. Please remember that this may only occur to a few as everyone has a different situation in life. Thank you.

January 2007

You will be able to buy a computer/car and pay it monthly (this could’ve happened last month) or it could be that you borrowed money from someone and told him/her that you’ll pay later. Just be careful not to honor your commitment.

February 2007

You are deciding which one to be with, the person who is financially stable and a born money maker or a person who’s dedicated to any work given to him/her, to help you in a project/research/etc.

March 2007

You will be confused whether to take the course of your dreams or settle in a more “in-demand” job because of your current situation in life (financial problems). Just remember that this decision will be YOUR future, it will affect your entire life.

April 2007

Due to an unexpected turn of events, it can be that you need to budget your money for a very awful situation, or, because of your self confidence and wise way of doing things, you were able to save enough money that will save your life from a financial breakdown.

May 2007

You have to let go of all jealousy and anger in your study group or you’ll be faced with a big dilemma.

June 2007

There will be a violent argument about a paper (estate, bills, etc.). You need the courage to stand up and let them hear your side of the story.

July 2007

You are waiting patiently for someone to take the first strike as an incentive to proceed with your plans. Wonder what it is.

August 2007

There will be gossips floating around your relationship with someone or it could be that someone has stolen something valuable from you, it can be your lover, and it’s driving you to astray.

September 2007

You are worrying about your decision to move to another place via boat, maybe because of a phobia, and realized that this is the only chance for your hard work to pay off.

October 2007

This is you very LUCKY month, your dreams will come true and wishes will be granted as all of your hard work will finally pay off.

November 2007

Your mother has decided to make some changes upon spending the family’s money. Which maybe a bad thing for you, maybe your allowance will be cut in half?

December 2007

You will be given the chance to go to another country/place and meet the person of your dreams, or it’s your honeymoon. Whatever it is, it will go extremely well.

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