Saturday, January 20, 2007

January 20: Teen Fortune Reader 2007 Predictions

These are the predictions for all those who were born on January 20. Please take note that everyone is different and this may only occur to some people. Thank you for understanding. - Archeia
January 2007

You will be involved in a love relationship this month. You’re happy to be with this special someone and every instinct inside you tells that s/he is the one meant for you. Think about your feelings a little longer and maybe you’re right. You will be very happy.

February 2007

You will be able to prove yourself and was able to broach to a new position in your society, and thanks to your loving parent(s).

March 2007

By trusting your intuition, you were able to succeed and it has brought your family happiness.

April 2007

You will have many bills to pay this month that has forced you to find a new job that can help you in your expenses. But despite the obstacles and what you call “Bad Luck,” a source of hope will come.

May 2007

There are two possible scenarios for this month: the first one is because of all the financial problems you are facing, you’re forced to “take away” money from others. Or, you were the one whose was stolen. Either way, the culprit will be found and taken to the court. Don’t lose hope and try to avoid temptation as much as possible.

June 2007

This month, you dream of going to another country and enjoy the luxurious life as well as being envious of those who are able to do so. The other scenario might be that behind your back, someone is being envious of you and wants to strip you from all that you have. Be careful and don’t let greed and jealousy take over you.

July 2007

You are given the chance to reach for your dream. You must have submitted a letter to someone and now all you have to do is to fill-up some papers. Good for you! Do your best.

August 2007

You will borrow some money for a celebration. You will be burdened with problems while at it, but in the end, you will also enjoy yourself.

September 2007

You and someone will argue about a job that can send you to another place. Or maybe because the return is high that it’s worth the risk. Just remember that not everything in life is about money.

October 2007

You want something but uncertain if it’s worth it. Think of the benefits and disadvantages on about what you are to do.

November 2007

You will be lucky this month, but you’re afraid what it might bring to you and the “karma” that might come. You will be constantly bugged by someone. Maybe you picked up a bag of money? Who knows?

December 2007

You want to be with someone but there’s a problem. You will have an argument with a relative, maybe about marriage? Just try your best to explain to them why. You’re the one in charge of your life. Remember that.

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