Tuesday, January 2, 2007

2007 Predictions: Managing Problems and Difficulties

To manage problems and difficulties during this period, note of the following:

A lot of ideas are burning in you at this period but it is often attacked or put down. Your leadership ability may also be questioned.

It is best perhaps to avoid taking on leadership roles unless they are your personal and independent endeavors. However, if it can't be avoided, ensure that you have a hands-on team who'll be willing to share the task ahead, provide pro-active feedback, and find ways to resolve problems without finger-pointing.

Be careful with the people you mingle with. Your good intentions can bounced back negatively for weird reasons. Watch out for signs of being taken advantage of. Be ready to bend the rules a little in order to protect yourself from further attacks.

Trust your intuition and pursue goals because you want to, rather being time-bound pressured. Be careful not too overload yourself as it will affect quality time for friends, relationships, team building, and yourself.

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